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We at DMV CHILL CRYO WELLNESS SPA would like to shout out October Moon for the fantastic job they did rebranding our company. We’ve been in business for almost two years but really didn’t like the direction we were going as far as marketing and promotion was concerned. We met with Tonia and Dawn and they mapped out a plan that far exceeded my expectations. They displayed the utmost  professionalism throughout the entire process and are very knowledgeable in their field of expertise. Tonia even went out of the scope of the contract to provide me with an extra service that I needed. And to top it all off, they even showed up to the rebranding party we had when the contract was completed. I would highly recommend October Moon to any company that’s looking to upgrade any aspect of their business or can’t decide which way they want to go with their thoughts or ideas. They are AWESOME!


DMV CHILL Logo Mock Ups.png
dmv chill merch 2.png
dmv chill hat mockup.png
dmv chill merch mockup.png
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