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📌Are you an emerging or mid-level podcaster struggling to keep up with branding and video editing tasks?


🎙️ October Moon Brand Agency has got your back with The Ultimate Podcast Rebrand package! 🎙️


We understand the challenges you face:
- ⏰ Lack of time to create a cohesive brand
- 🎨 Struggling with design skills
- 🎥 Tedious video editing


Here's what you'll get for just $1200:
- Full Podcast Strategy: Tailored to your vision.

- Brand Strategy & Branding Design: Complete with a logo suite, brand colors, and guidelines.

- Podcast Video Editing: Professional editing for 2 recent episodes.

- 2 Promotional Video Clips: Engaging clips to boost your episodes.

- 2 Social Media Promotional Flyers: Perfect for attracting your audience.

- 2 YouTube Thumbnails & Banner: Stand out on YouTube with eye-catching designs.

✨ Focus on creating amazing content while we handle the rest! 





If you need assistance with your brand color palette, style & aesthetic feel free to book an one-on-one call to help get you started here.



We require high quality/resolution photos for our design services. We will not accept selfies, screenshots of products, or low resolution photos. If you are in need of a photographer please schedule a consultation for our photography services here.



Clients are responsible for all wording content while October Moon Brandingt is responsible for the design. We encourage all clients to proofread all wording sent over. We will not correct any grammar or spelling errors. If you are in need of copy services please feel free to take a look at our copyright services.



  • Glitter and cartoons are prohibited in any design
  • Google images are prohibited in any design

Ultimate Podcast Rebrand

Excluding Sales Tax
  • What's Included

    • Full Podcast Strategy
    • Brand Strategy & Branding Design (logo suite, brand colors, branding guidelines)
    • Podcast Video Editing (1-hr. or less) for 2 recent episodes
    • 2 Promotional Video Clips (2 recent episodes)
    • 2 Social Media Promotional Flyers
    • 2 YouTube thumbnail designs & YouTube Banner
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