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Our Agency

October Moon Branding is a premier branding agency in Washington, DC. We partner with actors, models, makeup artist, wardrobe and hairstylists, photographers, and videographers to offer digital branding services to our clients. Our partnership manifests a shared vision to help scale our clients businesses with ease. Currently seeking the following:





Graphic Designers

Visual Editors

Models & Actors

Fashion, & Commercial Print (Women, Men, Non-binary)

Actors (Women, Men, Non-binary)


Hair & Makeup

Wardrobe Styling


Prop Styling


Working With Clients

October Moon Branding proudly extends our professional knowledge and expertise to all of our clients. Publications and brands around the world rely on our dynamic team to deliver top talent who will not only satisfy their unique needs, but also produce stunning visual results. By offering an unparalleled level of customer service and attention, Kreatives Koncepts is the go-to for local small and medium businesses for their branding needs. 

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